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The Lakelands Institute is a consortium of visionary pastors, coaches, and community builders who offer wisdom, experience, and practical know-how to church leaders who recognize that ministry has forever changed.



Principled Leadership in Polarized Times

Leadership in this age when divisions harm community life presents an unprecedented challenge. In this course, Rev. Jake Morrill outlines ways leaders can be fully present, and yet well-differentiated, among the people they lead.

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Antiracism from A to Z

This course is built for groups. Click for info about group pricing. In seeking to build an anti-racist church, words are important, and what we mean matters even more. Join Rev. Neal Christie for a fascinating exploration of words and concepts that define and describe our work together.

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The Online Worship Academy

This course will put you ahead with top-to-bottom, comprehensive training. This course will teach you how to present more worshipful, polished, and engaging worship online to reach more people.

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Podcasting Your Ministry

In this spotlight course, you will be taken step-by-step through the process of creating audio content and distributing it. By the time you complete this comprehensive course, you'll have a professional quality stream of audio available to anyone.

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Reimagining Community: Engaging people in virtual space

Religious faith depends upon community. Learn how to find and build community in this time of social distancing and church, synagogue, and mosque closures.

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Create a Course With the Lakelands Institute

Do you have knowledge or experience that would help clergy and other church leaders? Take this short course to see if your expertise might be turned into a course with the Lakelands Institute.

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Covenant for Conversation

When we engage in dialogue, it is good to have certain boundaries in order to create the space for us to speak, listen, and deeply hear others. This short course is designed to help us enter into a covenant with each other to speak and hear with grace and kindness.

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Why Lakelands?

Our courses are led by clergy and church professionals who know what it means to lead a local church.  We’ve all had to pull off miracles with limited resources and have come up with solutions when budgets were thin.  We came together for such a time as this.

Why Now?

Whether it be the pandemic, the struggle for racial justice and equity, or the polarized politics of today, we are experiencing a different world than the one we were born in. Leaders are struggling for survival, knowing that challenges like these have not occurred in our lifetimes. With experience in facilitating deep dialogue, leading through transition, tech skills, and a vision for the whole church, we feel like we were made for this moment.  You were too. So let’s do this!