LIVE Webinar Presented By Rev. Annette Flynn, MDiv, MSOD, ACC

Clergy Leadership Coaching: Why and how?

JANUARY 12, 2021 @ 11:00AM ET

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Learn How Coaching Can Help You Grow In 2021

Coaching brings out the leader in you.

Coaching is a client-focused developmental method for leaders who desire to grow intentionally. A good coach brings questions that elicit new awarenesses in the client. Coaching is forward looking, strengths-based, and assumes the client is creative, resourceful and unique.

I want you to love what you do. 

I coach pastors so they feel supported in - and lit up about - ministry.  You invested time and money to pursue your call to ministry, and you should get a good return on your investment! Coaching brings out the leader you are called to be: it builds your capacity to put love into action, and love transforms the world.

When I coach clients, I see:

They go from dreading work to looking forward to it
Their courage to lead others is more evident
They implement new tools to get congregations from point A to point B and beyond
Their levels of stress and anxiety decrease

There's No Better Way To Grow Your Ministry In 2021

About The Presenter

Rev. Annette Flynn, MDiv, MSOD, ACC

I’m clergy. My husband is clergy. My dad was clergy.
His dad was clergy. My uncle was clergy.

I understand the dynamics of clergy family life, the challenges associated with the work, and the ups and downs of such a calling; from family life to church life and life with in the larger denomination. I learned that sometimes, church leaders have to find ways to “work around“ the very system that is meant to be a support structure.  All of these experiences led me to return to graduate school and receive a Masters of Science in Organization Development.

If you would like to hear more about how to “order” a church, team, organization, and co-ordinate with other churches and organizations to really make the greater good happen on earth as it is in heaven, please attend this webinar and get connected with us!

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