Webinar Presented By Rev. Annette Flynn, MDiv, MSOD

Dealing with A$$#@)&s
in Your Church

NOVEMBER 17, 2020 @ 11:00AM ET

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What You'll Learn In This Exclusive Webinar

Corona isn't the only virus right now. There is one plaguing some of the people who attend your churches. The symptoms of this virus are rudeness to pastors, refusal to cooperate with safety compliances for the good of the whole faith community, an extreme sense of entitlement in the church, and generalized stubbornness. 

Pastors, I'm sorry. Please remember this: Jesus had problems with a$$#@)s too – "And he did not do many deeds of power there, because of their unbelief (Matthew 13:58)."

How do we deal with a$$#@)s in our churches?

Our private dialogue

If we keep our private dialogue private, we prevent ourselves and others from learning and from making decisions that consider the best interest of the whole.


     If we say what we are thinking or feeling, we may make things worse by upsetting people, making ourselves vulnerable, and so on.

The Way Through

Recognize that how we are thinking and feeling in the first place is part of the problem and learn how to transform our private conversation into something we can make public.

About The Presenter

Rev. Annette Flynn, MDiv, MSOD

I’m clergy. My husband is clergy. My dad was clergy.
His dad was clergy. My uncle was clergy. 

I understand the dynamics of clergy family life, the challenges associated with the work, and the ups and downs of such a calling; from family life to church life and life with in the larger denomination. I learned that sometimes, church leaders have to find ways to “work around“ the very system that is meant to be a support structure.  All of these experiences led me to return to graduate school and receive a Masters of Science in Organization Development.

If you would like to hear more about how to “order” a church, team, organization, co-ordinate with other churches and organizations to really make the greater good happen on earth as it is in heaven, please attend this webinar and get connected with us!

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