Proposal to First United Methodist Church

Director of Outreach and Communications

First United Methodist Church in Oak Ridge is my home. I was confirmed and ordained and served as Associate Pastor for seven wonderful years. My mother is buried in the memorial garden. In the past, it would have been impractical and inadvisable to return, after 15 years, to a ministry presence at FUMC. As the COVID pandemic has pushed the adoption of digital communication and made remote working more acceptable across society and in the church, the opportunity now exists to bring the knowledge, passion, and experience I have gained in national engagement and communication to this beloved congregation.


I wish to enter into a contract with First United Methodist Church of Oak Ridge, Tennessee, through the Lakelands Institute, to perform the tasks indicated in the job description for the Director of Outreach and Communications.

To perform this contract, I will:

  • Take personal responsibility for the fulfillment of all aspects of this position as agreed upon
  • Work primarily from my location in Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • Travel to Oak Ridge for on-site presence on a regular basis
  • Utilize volunteers where possible and subcontractors when necessary (at no additional cost)
  • Train volunteers and supervise them on-site and remotely
  • Configure software so that portions of ministry, such as livestreams, can be supervised and controlled either on-site or remotely
  • Expand the church’s presence in the city and region and further build its reputation as a leading congregation nationally
  • Position FUMCOR to take a leading role in the United Methodist Church as changes in the denomination take place in the months and years ahead

I propose that:

  • This agreement be evaluated and be eligible for renewal annually
  • This be made as a contract through the Lakelands Institute for UM clergy appointment purposes
  • A retainer of $3500/month be paid for the term of the contract
  • A limited travel allowance be included that provides for basic costs for on-site work, with overages paid by Lakelands Institute
  • Lakelands Institute will bear the expense of office space, computers, software, and other supplies necessary to perform the tasks outlined at the highest quality.

Thank you for considering this, and please be in touch.

Rev. Steven D. Martin
Founder, The Lakelands Institute

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