Can’t hold in-person trainings?
Let us help you move them online.

Before the pandemic, many organizations relied upon in-person training events that had to be put on hold. Some migrated those trainings to platforms like Teachable and Thinkific, popular among entrepreneurs and course builders. While these platforms are certainly capable of providing a good experience for the end-user, we invite you to host your programs at the Lakelands Institute.

Revenue sharing vs. monthly fee

  • On most commercial online learning platforms, you will pay a monthly fee for the service, often $100-$150 per month. What happens when you no longer wish to pay that fee? Your course material disappears from the platform. All your hard work, and the work of your students, becomes inaccessible.
  • Lakelands Institute is built upon a different ethic. We encourage course creators to charge a fee for their course: this helps students “buy-in” to the content and take it more seriously. Our services are paid for out of the revenue you earn through these fees. Rather than paying a monthly fee, you will make money when you sell your course. And best of all, your content stays “live” as long as you want it to.

Integrated social network and on-site Zoom

  • Have you taken an online course where you have to keep jumping out of the platform to view documents, watch videos, or participate in interactive (Zoom) sessions? It’s annoying and causes users frustration. That’s not good.
  • Our platform integrates everything: videos, quizzes, writing exercises, even Zoom calls take place inside the course. You don’t have to leave the course to participate in another part of it. In addition, we have built a social network into the site that connects users for discussions. No more separate Facebook groups: you can build community – public or private – inside the site.

Protect and preserve your intellectual property

  • When you sign up on another online course platform, read the fine print: you may be handing over your intellectual property by posting your course there. And as I said above, you lose your course when you stop paying the monthly fee.
  • We believe your ideas are worth sharing. We hope you’ll use our platform for all of your teaching experiences, but we’re also fine if you feel you’ll you be “out there” more if you have it on multiple platforms. It’s your content; you should keep it.

Aligned content

  • Most online learning platforms host all kinds of content, from cooking classes to get-rich-quick courses. The Lakelands Institute is devoted to helping clergy and church leaders deal effectively with the rapidly changing ministry environment we are living through. All of our courses point in that direction. It’s a community you’ll want to be part of, and students will not have to search through courses on real estate schemes to find your content.

Want to learn more about how the Lakelands Institute can help you carry out your mission and ministry? Let’s schedule a time to discuss.