An interview with Jer Swigart of the Global Immersion Project

Join me and my guest host, Dr. David Gushee, for a rollercoaster interview with Jer Swigart, co-founder of the Global Immersion Project.  The three of us met on a trip to Israel/Palestine in 2011 hosted by Fuller Seminary.  This trip examined the conflict through the two narratives that define the region.

By way of a “Spirit thing,” as David remarked, we caught up with Jer as Immigration Customs Enforcement (ICE) was detaining two persons in unmarked buses in Bend, Oregon.  Jer was with other clergy and people from Bend, standing in the way of the federal and local police.  Their action lasted late into the night, but we caught up with Jer as the drama was unfolding.

In this episode we talk about nonviolence, Evangelicalism and its roots in “slaveholder Christianity,” and how white Christians must live out their/our faith.

Clergy square off with militarized police. Jer can be seen in the extreme right edge of the photo pleading with officers to remember their humanity.

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