An interview with Jenn Jines of

Q: Did you know that kindness is contagious?  That our brains rewire themselves and all kinds of physiological reactions occur when we show (and experience) kindness? 

A: Oh, absolutely.

This episode: 

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About our Guest: Jennifer has followed her lifelong fascination with human behavior to both a BA in Psychology, and a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology. The delightful intersection of kindness, play and connection is where she likes to spend her time both professionally and personally.  She is the Founder and Chief Kindness Amplifier at Kindagious  (  Her amplifier duties center around  spreading kindness, pointing out where it already exists, and identifying potential barriers to expressing kindness, all with the aim of alleviating the current global crisis of loneliness and disconnection.

She also happens to throw a very creative birthday party and considers that one of her areas of expertise – and source of joy.

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