Would you like to be a guest on the Mainline podcast? Chances are I’ve already contacted you directly about being a guest. Email me if you have any questions about what we’ll be discussing.

Audio quality is critically important. Here are my preferred ways to connect:

Use a good quality microphone and headphones (best) or earbuds with a microphone. Please do not connect using your built-in computer microphone or speakerphone.

BEST: To join the recording session, use this link to my studio at Riverside.fm to join the recording. This service records a high-quality audio stream to the cloud; it also provides a video feed from your camera so we can see each other, not for the purposes of making a video recording (see below). You’ll need to connect to your computer using a good microphone or headset to make the most of this method.

BETTER: FaceTime (audio only) at 202-412-4323 or a Facebook Messenger Call

GOOD: Call me by phone at our appointed time at 202-412-4323.  

** Occasionally it’s nice to make a video out of the conversation and post it to YouTube. If you want to be seen, please use the link to my studio and turn on your camera.**

Once the podcast has been released, I would greatly appreciate it if you shared it with your networks.

Thanks for sharing your experience with me and all of us who listen in!  I’m hoping these conversations will increase the quality of our online ministries across the whole church.

Thanks, and while you’re here, sign up to receive our weekly emails: