Accomplish your meeting goals even when you can’t meet in person.

Many companies can provide managed video conferencing services for your meeting, but Lakelands Institute brings together components unique in the marketplace. Don’t settle for generic services; contact us to set up a conversation about how we can help you create a transformative online experience that produces the results you want.

Here’s what we can do for you:


Videoconferencing: We prefer Zoom: It’s easy, reliable, and just about everyone already knows how to use it. Added to our custom platform, participants can use either the Zoom app or access meetings through their web browsers. Host up to 1000 participants in a managed meeting with breakout rooms, transcription, and other services. Let us manage the tech: you have enough to do already.

Use on-demand video to make the most of your meeting time. Do you need attendees to do “homework” before they come together for the meeting? Our custom platform integrates course materials, introductions, and all kinds of resources so you don’t have to waste precious meeting time with announcements, training materials, or meeting prep items.

Use our social media functions to facilitate conversation before, between, and after the meetings. Instead of holding conversations via email or sending people to a Facebook group, our built-in, powerful social media platform allows conversations to take place without leaving our website. Conduct private, moderated conversations (if you need to) all within the place participants already know.


With our churches everywhere facing division and schism, having persons on your team who are trained, experienced facilitators is vital. Our facilitators have decades of experience conducting dialogues all over the world, dealing with the most difficult and contentious issues of our time. You won’t find a team more capable of handling sensitive conversations around the issues that divide our churches, annual conferences, and judicatories and producing positive, meaningful results.


As ubiquitous as Zoom is, it does not solve every problem. Does your meeting require a virtual meeting room where participants can move from table to table, just like in an in-person meeting? Do you need ticketing, registration, fee payment, breakout session, and event management? We can handle it. Talk with us about how your event might be almost as awesome as an in-person gathering, without the cost of airfare, hotels, catering, and flat-screen TV rental. You’ll wonder why you haven’t done it this way all along.

Pre-meeting resources

Does your meeting require training before the live sessions? Consider building a series of video lessons that will put attendees in the right frame of mind for the live conversations. You don’t have the means to produce those videos? Using your iPhone, our technology can create videos quickly and easily as though a film crew is in the room with you, coaching you all the way. You’ll be blown away by how easy this is.

Ready to learn more? Contact us for a conversation and demonstration.