Our courses are led by experts in their respective fields, and more are being developed every day. Each is designed to elevate your skills and competence in this new era.


Principled Leadership in Polarized Times

Leadership in this age when divisions harm community life presents an unprecedented challenge. In this course, Rev. Jake Morrill outlines ways leaders can be fully present, and yet well-differentiated, among the people they lead.

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The Online Worship Academy

This course will put you ahead with top-to-bottom, comprehensive training. This course will teach you how to present more worshipful, polished, and engaging worship online to reach more people.

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Podcasting Your Ministry

OPENS MARCH 1: In this spotlight course, you will be taken step-by-step through the process of creating audio content and distributing it. By the time you complete this comprehensive course, you'll have a professional quality stream of audio available to anyone.

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Reimagining Community: Engaging people in virtual space

Religious faith depends upon community. Learn how to find and build community in this time of social distancing and church, synagogue, and mosque closures.

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Stewardship and the Online Church

Coming soon.

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Create a Course With the Lakelands Institute

Do you have knowledge or experience that would help clergy and other church leaders? Take this short course to see if your expertise might be turned into a course with the Lakelands Institute.

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The church is in a wilderness. We can’t rely on our structures of in-person gathering, receiving the reassuring hug, the sound of combining our voices together in prayer and praise, the deep bonds reinforced in our small groups and Sunday school classes. Pastors are wandering, pivoting, not knowing what their role is when they can’t visit the sick, perform the rites and rituals and liturgies that form and inform the people of God.

“God’s response to the wanderers in the Exodus story was covenant. God reassured the people by making good on the promise to be with and to supply need. Manna, quail, and water from a rock. Wilderness need not be devoid of life-support. It was, and still is, supported and presided over by a life-giving and trustworthy God.”

Rev. Annette Flynn, MDiv, MSOD, ACC