Mini Seminar:
Quit Your Job
and Find Your Soul

The workplace has changed forever. You've had a glimpse of what a different kind of life might look like, but you're still stuck in that job that robs you of your happiness and well-being. 

There's hope! 

In this mini-seminar, Rev. Steven D. Martin will enlighten you with spiritual practices and knowledge from the ancient world that will help you go from feeling stuck to finding a new path of meaning and purpose.

You know what you need to do. 

If there is an upside to a worldwide pandemic, it has forced us to reconsider the role of the workplace in our lives.  In what's becoming known as the "Great Resignation," we are questioning the logic of the 40+ hour workweek, hours spent commuting, and the effect of traditional work on our physical health and mental state. 

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Beginning September 16th

11am ET | 8am PT

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The presenter

I was struggling like you are today. Life is so much better.

Leaving a career can be terrifying.  But staying in an unfulfilling job can be worse.  What do you need to know in order to take the first steps?

Rev. Steven D. Martin is a leader and speaker who jumped off the proverbial cliff in 2006, leaving a stable career as a parish pastor to embark upon the life he dreamed of.  He has produced films for public television, worked on Capitol Hill, stood face-to-face with Nazis in Charlottesville, and has selfies with Morgan Freeman, Bernie Sanders, and Katie Couric.

In three exciting and inspiring sessions, you'll walk with the great heroes of history and discover the secrets through which you will make your next move.  If you've had enough and long for a change in your life, this is your time.

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